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Jesus lights your fire, but its up to you to keep it burning.

Aug 1

What makes a Christian?

It’s more than saying “I’m a Christian”. It’s more than going to Church. It’s more than saying the ‘right’ things. It’s more than believing in God. It’s more than believing Jesus saved you.

Christianity is having a relationship with Christ. Being a Christian is living like Christ. Like Jesus.

Aug 1

I want to start a Tumblr Revolution.


A revolution of hundreds of Tumblr users turning to Christ. Who’s in?

I’m in! :D

Aug 1

Speaking out.

It appears that the Norway terrorist attacks have given the anti-Christians ammunition (in their eyes) to speak out against Christians. To be quite honest, they’ll find ‘proof’ we’re evil in pretty much anything. BUT I think we need to give a very clear message back to these types of people by making it perfectly clear that:

As Christians we are not extremists. We are not terrorists. We do not condone what happened in Norway, nor would we support or cause such an attack. This guy may have called himself a Christian, but I very much doubt Jesus does. We’re about Love, and Love only.

Come on, guys, lets get this message out there!

This, on full blast, is awesome. Seriously.